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Software setup for NanoSPR8

1. Make sure that USB driver was previously installed, the device is connected to the computer USB port and turned on.

2. Download the latest software for NanoSPR 8XX:

3.Click on the link to run the device software setup:

download device software

4. Double click on downloaded installation file to begin the setup, click "Next":

start setup

5. Please provide customer information, click "Next":

please provide customer information

6. Select destination folder, click "Next":

select destination folder

7. Review information before installation, click "Install":

review information berore install

8. Installation is in progress:

installation is in progress

9. Software setup complete, click "Finish":

software setup complete

10. On the first run, the software will ask to select the connection port and prism type.

Select any com port and F1-65 prism for liquid measurements or K8-50 for measurements of gas samples.

select comm port

Note: the device has to be turned on and connected to the USB port. The port selection window lists all COM ports that are actually available in the system. When the device is disconnected, the corresponding COM port disappears from the Windows.

11. Software setup is complete.

You should see the main software window (in example shown the software after an experiment):

surface plasmon resonance software


Note: in case you see messages "unable to open com port"  and "port not open"

unable to open com port  port not open  

please try the following:

a. Restart the device software.

b. Make sure that USB driver was previously installed.

c. Check if the device is turned on.

d. Check if the device USB cable is connected to the computer port.

Go to Windows Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> System:

windows control panel

In System click on Device Manager. In Device Manager expand "Ports (COM & LPT)":

device manager

e. Try to change USB port, used by the device, please follow these instructions:

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